Catalogue Automotive Industry Russia is an annual publication which publish information about the largest enterprises of automotive component industry of Russia which is ready to cooperate with foreign partners from Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In the catalog place information about its products, as manufacturers of automotive components, spare parts and consumables, and distributors who have their own distribution network all over the territory of Russia.

If your company is a manufacturer of automobile components, then you’ll be able to find in the catalog a reliable Russian distributor for promote and sell your product in Russia. Also, you can find specialized manufacturer who can produce your product using its own production facilities in Russia, which will surely make your auto components competitive on a very large and unsaturated Russian market of auto parts.

If your company is a distributor of automotive components and looking for new quality products for business, then you’ll find the Russian manufacturers of products in various categories from spare parts to automotive chemicals of Automotive Industry Russia.

You can easily contact your potential partners, since the contact information is available in each article.