Automobile batteries

LLP «Kainar – AKB»

Kazakhstan Republic (CIS),
Zip: 040006, Taldikorgan,
Industrialnaya str., 1
Telephone: 8 (7282) 23-32-34+7

About the company

LLP «Kainar-AKB» — one of the leading manufactures of starter automobile storage batteries in CIS since 1975. Output of automobile storage batteries is produced on new Austrian, Canadian, Italian, German machinery, which satisfies to all international standards. In our days company manufactures model range, which is used in motor-car, agricultural and military technics. Since our start, LLP «Kainar-AKB» actively cooperates with car industry deliver automobile storage batteries on conveyors of leading plants of Russia. Export of factory production is carried out in all CIS countries and also in near and far abroad. Today production of our company is realized on all territory of
Russia and has two regional warehouses, which are situated in Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don.


From the moment of emergence in the market automobile storage batteries BARS and KAINAR, became a reliability and quality synonym. Thanks for up-to-date technologies, which are using in manufactory process, all automobile storage batteries provide reliable start-up of the car in any conditions and perfect stability to overloads.
Automobile storage batteries BARS and KAINAR are created on the basis of an innovative electrode with unique geometry and with using calcium alloy, which is an optimal choice for modern powerful cars and stability of onboard tension. The feature of our BARS and KAINAR line is using on positive and negative plates of storage batteries EXPANDED metal technology. This is deformation hardening of structure lead-calcium alloy technology for the purpose of increase corrosion stability automobile storage batteries. Quality automobile storage batteries BARS and KAINAR are suitable for any types of vehicles, combine in itself rather big capacity and long service life. Universal automobile storage batteries are one of the most bought in the market, thanks for their big capacity, safety, and also high capacity of cold start. Batteries are characterized also by the low self-category resistance to corrosion and low temperatures. BARS and KAINAR reliably and smoothly work in a big temperature range.