Coating materials for car repair

Russian Coatings JSC

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150002, Russia
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Vika, the car refinish system, is a wide range of paint materials intended for refinishing work. Complex of materials VIKA with improved consumer properties is intended for real masters willing to reach outstanding results in a car body renovation and spot repair. Under VIKA trademark a few types of enamel are produced such as 2K acrylic-urethane, metallic, air-drying and heatdrying paints. At present, 305 color shades have been made and their number keeps increasing. This product line includes also materials for surface preparation and priming, finishing clear lacquers, curing agents, thinners and solvents. For the last 8 years the enterprise supported in technology by transnational company DUPONT has been successfully developing a color matching system. GUNTEX is a joint project of Russian Coatings (Russia) and ASTA concern (Germany). The product line comprises various putties, primers and lacquers for car refinish as well as some auxiliary materials.