Diagnostic equipment


1109391, Moscow,
Orekho-Zuevskiy passage, 10
Tel.: (499) 784-41-15, 784-41-16

Research and production firm «META» has 25 years of successful experience in the Russian market of automotive diagnostic equipment and special equipment to ensure road safety.
Today the company «META» is scientific-production association of instrument-manufacturing plants, scientific, technological and educational centers, design department and diagnostic stations. At all stages of development and production the company META has an integrated quality management system that meets international standards ISO 9001-2001/ISO 9001-2000 and Russian State Standard 15.002-2003.
Production program includes a wide range of diagnostic equipment for technical checkup inspection and maintenance of vehicles:
• Universal brake testers «СТМ-3500», «СТМ-8000»,
«СТМ-15000» with an axle load of 18 tons, including lowprofile universal brake testers floor performance does not require foundation.
• Gauges the effectiveness of brake systems «Effect».
• Multicomponent gas analyzers «Autotest».
• Portable and bench opacimeter «META- 01MP».
• Measuring parameters of lights and headlights.
• Gauges of the light transmission of tinted glasses TONIC.
• Testers slip wheels of cars.
• Shock absorbers testers for cars.
• Fluid Play detectors «LD- 4000», «LD- 8000».
• Portable truck scales «VA-15S», low profile with strain gauges, exclusive dependence on the lateral force application.
• Analyzers concentration of ethanol vapor in the breath, precision and unmatched. The principle of operation is based on the spectrophotometric method for determination of ethanol vapor in the expired air precision.
Products SPC «META» successfully operated on firm technical centers and service station of domestic and foreign brands, such as VAZ, KAMAZ, BMW, HYUNDAI, RENAULT, KIA.
The «META» company values mutually beneficial cooperation and invites distributors!