Light alloy wheels

«SKAD», Ltd.

663094, Russia, Krasnoyarsk region,
Divnogorsk, Zavodskaya street, 1b/1
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About the company

The Casting & Mechanical Plant «SKAD» Ltd founded in 2002 is aRussian high technology company manufacturing light alloy car wheels. The Casting & Mechanical Plant «SKAD» Ltd. is completely equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supplied by worldwide leading manufacturers from Germany, Italy, USA and Japan. Today the «SKAD» company is the only Russian supplier who continuously delivers wheels to the Ford Motor Company. More than five projects have been implemented in the mass production together with this OEM customer and a series of further projects is underway. Since 2008 the «SKAD» company has the preferred quality Ford Q1 supplier status. This status gives a supplier potential right to supply to any Ford Motor Company car assembly plant worldwide.
As of today «SKAD» supplies alloy wheels to all Ford car assembly plants in Russia and since May 2014 the supply of alloy wheels to the Ford car assembly plant in Saarlouis, Germany, has started. The wheels produced by SKAD also found their application at such car assembly plants as «DerWays», «TagAZ», «Izh-Avto», «Sollers», «Avtotor». The «SKAD» company has a complete cycle of light alloy wheel production, starting from liquid alloy melt production up to coating, packing and shipment of the finished products to its customers. The Casting and Mechanical Plant «SKAD» is the only Russian manufacturer of 20-inch alloy wheels and a range of wheels made with the use of strengthening heat-treatment.
The available product line includes over 85 designs in 2600 versions. The customers can choose between over 12 color versions as well as a range of versions with combined colors. The «SKAD» light alloy wheels have not only a modern design, variety of colors and high quality, but are also notable for strict compliance with Russian and, what quite important, international standards are. Each light alloy wheel produced at «SKAD», without any exception, is subjected to strict reliability trials, including mandatory certification for conformance to the Official State Standard («GOST») requirements.
Modern wheel designs, splendidly matching the car models of the leading Russian and global motor car manufacturers, perfect quality and safety can satisfy the most sophisticated taste of the today’s consumers and also let them be confident on the road in any situation.