Rubber technical products

Company Balakovorezinotechnica

413856, Russia,
Saratovskaya region, Balakovo-16
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About the company

JSC «BalakovoRubberTechnics» – is the leading producer of rubber technical products issuing more than 6000 names and providing continuous work of auto conveyors of VAZ, Kamaz and GAZ. The company functions in the market since 1971, and during this time puts into practice the advanced development of automobile works, mastering production of new accessories, realizes their ideas and offers the original projects for the solution of the tasks connected with development of the automotive and chemical industry.


Is engaged in production of rubber technical products for automotive industry and on the secondary market. In the many thousands range of plant the most quality accessories: belts driving, a sealant of brake system, antivibration details of the chassis, the reinforced details of a suspension bracket of power units of cars, epiploons and cuffs, hoses hydrobrake, and also shaped rubber technical products of different function.